Fuel Our Fight + Fuel Your Fight

The bad news: the MAGA right is trying to ban sex ed from being taught in any classroom in the country

The good news: EducateUS was built to stop them. Together we will equip and elect pro-sex-ed candidates in key swing states, pass and implement sex ed protections across the country, and build an unstoppable movement of Sex Ed Voters who will make sure every child gets the education they need to feel safe, powerful and loved.

April is a key moment.  In this crucial election year, the earlier we know the support we’re working with, the more we can leverage that money to win. That’s why we’re coming to you now, asking you to fuel our fight with a gift today that will turn into wins for sex ed tomorrow and all year long. 

The fun news: This is going to be a long year and you’re going to need to refuel along the way too! That’s why, for the month of April, when you fuel our fight for sex ed, we’ll fuel your fight with exclusive, limited-edition perks you can use whenever you need to refill your cup.

When you fuel EducateUS with:

A $25 donation (Supporter)

You’ll get our limited edition digital downloads, to keep you inspired every time you log on

A $50 donation (Advocate)

You’ll get the digital downloads PLUS our limited edition Sex Ed Krazy Straw, to keep you hydrated in style

A $100 donation (Organizer)

You’ll get the downloads, the Krazy Straw AND our limited edition mini-tote, so you never have to leave home without snacks

A $250 donation (Activist)

You’ll get all of that PLUS our limited edition cozy-as-heck wearable hoodie blanket, to remind you that rest fuels revolution

A $500 donation (Champion)

You’ll get every item in this exclusive campaign, including all of the above PLUS our perfectly portable limited IGLOO cooler, to keep your bevs at the right temp whether you’re headed to a protest or a beach day.

Whatever level is right for you, don’t wait – the earlier you give this year, the more power you’re building for our movement to keep sex education out of the hands of the MAGA right and keep sex ed in every school in the country, where it belongs. Plus once April ends, we’ll never offer these perks again.